Is Your School Year Off to an Amazing Start?

Make sure that your school year is off to a great start and you are setting yourself up for success.  Take the time now to evaluate your study habits and time management techniques.  If you are struggling with a specific subject in school, look for help from a tutor or your teacher now before it becomes overwhelming.  Often, with just an hour or two extra preparation a week, you will improve your grades and feel more confident about your classes.  It is important to focus on your individual needs and find a plan and method that works for you.  
If you are behind, it is not too late to get ahead.  You will need to devote some extra hours and time to the task, but with determination and hard work, you will catch up and excel in your classes.  Many times, what works for your friends does not work for you and you will need to discover your own path to success in school.  Ask yourself a few questions:
Do you have a planner?  Do you know how to use it effectively?  What are you doing to ensure that you have sufficient time to get your homework done and make it to practices and other activities?  If you are having difficulty understanding topics in your class, what do you do?  Is your plan working?  If not, what do you need to change?
It is important to devote sufficient time to your studies, while maintaining a good balance between your personal activities and your schoolwork.  A good balance keeps you energized and focused, and improves your performance in school and your life activities.  Take time now to set yourself up for success and you will have a good school year.  Reach out and find resources and people to help you be successful.  You are not in your academic journey alone!  Build your support network and find the right plan and strategies for you to do well.  
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