Successful SAT/ACT Preparation.....Why cramming 5 hours in before test day is a waste of time and money.

The SAT and the ACT are arguably the two most important tests in most people's entire lives. Obviously there are additional tests some of us take to further our education but the SAT and now the ACT, will determine the type of college you can attend, which directly affects the type of connections you will make in life and this will eventually determine how much money you will earn as a professional. Make no mistake about it; it IS who you know in life that will ultimately catapult you into higher social and economic classes. The previous rule is why attending the right college is so important. Obviously there are additional factors to consider such as grades, extracurricular activities, sports, and charity work during the college application process but even if you have exceeded all of the previous requirements, that will be moot if you also have a poor SAT/ ACT score. A solid score on the SAT is 2000 and above; for the ACT 28 and higher will put you in the 90% percentile. There is no silver bullet to help you do well on these tests it takes hard work and focus. A lot of parents and students think cramming 5 hours of tutoring into the last 2 weeks before test day is going to result in a huge improvement in test scores. The aforementioned plan will have a marginal or negligible effect on test results. There are no shortcuts; these tests are a lot more difficult now than when I took them. You need to put it 1-3 hours a week for at least a 4 week period to effectively prepare for these tests. I just received my copy of the new SAT; it looks tough. There are now more advanced math problems in addition to Trigonometry, which is now on the new SAT. The ACT is very similar to the new SAT; both tests are designed to trick you on every problem. If you work hard enough and review effectively, you will recognize the pattern and learn how to beat the test. So please do not attempt to cram for these tests it doesn’t work. And please feel free to message me and ask me any questions on SAT/ACT content or my tutoring plan. Good Luck with the all of the tests, exams, papers etc. this year!
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