No Time Like the Present

Well, hello!  My name is Kristina and I'm new to WyzAnt.  I decided to start this endeavor because I love English, I love learning, and I love that feeling when you finally grasp a concept.  As a tutor, I can share my love for all of these things.  I'm new to this, but I'm looking forward to the challenge and the adventure.
WyzAnt wants to know what my five outside the box tips that make my tutoring lessons fun?
1. Music.  I like to relate everything to music.  Whether it be lyrics or overall themes, connecting pop culture with literary pieces always helps to with retention.
2. Smiling.  There's a lot of smiling going on in my lessons.  Confidence isn't always easy, but if you start with a smile, you're half way there.
3. Social Media.  We're going to be using social media to find relevant topics to discuss and connect with your readings and writings.  I'm going to show you valuable and scholarly resources, but I'm also going to show you how to use current events in your writing as well.
4. Questions.  I'm going to ask you questions. You're going to ask me questions.  Questions are the cornerstone of learning.
5. Local authority.  If we have unanswered questions, we'll seek out answers from your community.  We'll go right to the source to find information for your papers.


Kristina S.

Reading, Writing Tutor in Plano and online.

10+ hours
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