Learning to Read/Dyslexia b and d

Okay!  This is something that really helped one of my students..  She switched b and d into her third grade year. She struggled so much!  It's simple. Look at the word "bed"...  does it look like a bed?   When she had trouble switching the letters, I would write the word "bed",  and point out the picture in the word. This is the important part.  Actually turn the word "bed" into a picture.  You can even put a stick person laying on top of the bed.  After it "clicked" and she saw the word in her mind, I could just ask her  to think of the word "bed". The next part was asking her to make a bed with her fingers. Make a "b" and "d" with your fingers (like the "okay sign" in each hand).  I then asked her to look at her hands.  Does it look like a bed?  The "b" sound comes first. I would tell her to hold up her "bed" that she made with her fingers.  If she needed to make a "b", she would  draw the first part of the bed.  Consequently, if she needed to make a "d", she would draw the end of the bed.  This helped her so much. Even though she has dyslexic tendencies, we have been able to overcome them with tips like this one.
Have Fun Teaching!
Miss Amy
Reading Tutor/Math Tutor/Piano Tutor
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