A few easy tips to make writing more fun and less tedious

While I, as a writer, very much enjoy the act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, more likely), I understand not everyone is as inclined. In fact, writing can be a very tedious task if you're not invested in your writing, whether an inbox full of emails that need responses or a 10-page paper. But I have a few quick tips that will hopefully make writing more fun for everyone!
  1. Write to a soundtrack. Now, this tip may not be for everyone, as some people find it very hard to focus with any kind of distraction. But I find that music playing softly in the background while I type away takes some of the pressure of what I'm doing, as I'm less likely to track the minutes I spend staring at the same sentence if I have a song giving my work flow and momentum. Pick whatever music you like, but I suggest nothing too catchy that you'll be tempted to stop writing and have a karaoke break. I have a playlist of music without words, which doesn't have to be all classical! The Album Leaf, for example, has great music without words that doesn't feel dated. It's less likely to distract you and can make the sometimes solitary act of writing less quiet.
  2. Write like you speak. Again, this doesn't fit all cases, as you wouldn't want your dissertation to be filled with a "like" and "legit" every few sentences, haha. But I think why most people dislike writing is they feel they have to sound like a "writer." Thus they try to use words they would never use in a normal conversation and may not even know what they mean! The more your writing sounds like you wrote it, has your voice, your rhythm, the better your writing will be. There is only one you, and that's what people want to read: Your own unique words. It can be hard to figure out how your internal voice translates to the written word, but it can be fun to experiment!
  3. Write for you. This may sound like extra work for someone who already isn't so keen on writing, but I think everyone should try to find one way to write that they enjoy. If you don't like writing academic papers, try writing a short story or even just a little scene. If you don't like writing prose, try a poem. If you don't like fiction, try writing a nonfiction essay about something in your life or from your past. Write a song. Write down funny band names or a title for your debut album you will probably never even compose let alone release. Write a letter to a friend, even if it's just an email or a Facebook post. Compose the perfect exactly 140-word Tweet. Just find a way to put your own words down in a way that doesn't seem boring. 
Those are my quick three tips, but I have so many more. Message me if you are interested in learning more ways to enjoy becoming a better writer, and we can schedule an in-person or online lesson. Now, go write something!


Megan R.

Professional journalist for English and writing tutoring

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