What to eat the morning before the test?

Testing is grueling.  There is nothing worse than going to a test and finding your stomach growling from hunger as you approach the end of the test.  Then, instead on having your mind on the next question, you start daydreaming about what you will be eating for lunch afterwards.
Instead, prepare yourself for the big day by eating key items.
Make sure to eat protein.  Eggs, sausage, fish, beans, yogurt, milk all come from the protein group.  This will give you your long term energy to help you withstand the lengthy tests.
Limit your carbohydrates.  Limit any bread products you might consume or don't eat them at all.  Limit your cereal, tortillas, potatoes, rice and other items.
Eat vegetables, Vegetables give you good nutrients that keep your mind going.  Eggs, mushrooms, onions and peppers, or fish wrapped in a salad wrap, are some ways to mix your protein and veggies.  And a small amount of whole fruit (like fruit and yogurt - yummy!)  will give you a quick burst in the morning. It's even better for you than fruit juices.

Even if you do not feel hungry, put something in your system.  It will give you necessary energy for the lengthy test.
Feeling extra tired and nervous? Instead of reaching for a coffee or energy drink which may accentuate the nervousness, try juicing if you have a juicing machine or pick up a veggie juice at the store on the way.  There are some great "green" blends that will give you better energy.  A cup of tea in the morning will also give you a boost of energy.
Definitely stay away from sugary items like donuts, cookies, and sweetened drinks.  While they give you a pick me up, they can leave you tire afterwards due to their quick energy release.
Don't forget to hydrate before the test.  Water and Gatorade are both good options.
And, many tests allow you to have a snack break. If you can take them into the test - great!  And if not, make them available when you go to break.  Take a protein bar, fruit, or granola bar, and water for quick energy to help you through the next sections.
Try these out before the day of the test, when you are doing your final practice test, and see how much better you will feel for your test day.


Ingrid M.

Last Minute Test Prep from Veteran Math Teacher, UC Berkeley Math BA

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