Shige | Experienced Japanese Tutor in Los Angeles

Konnichiwa! (Hello!)

My name is Shige, and I am a Japanese tutor from Japan. 
I was born in Nagasaki, grew up in some cities southwestern Japan, and eventually came to the United States from Kansai region in 2006. Since then, I have been teaching Japanese in Los Angeles for over nine years and have had many students with wide ranges of ages and Japanese proficiency. I can teach not only conversation but also useful phrases, reading, and writing. I can also introduce you to Japanese geography, customs and good old culture. Some of my former students have passed the JLPT tests and one even obtained a master's degree of Japanese linguistics and culture with my tutoring. I would like to help your dream comes true. My lessons are welcomed to all who want to learn Japanese eagerly. You don't have to worry if you can't speak Japanese at all. If you are interested in my lessons, please send me a message.

(Thank you very much!)


Shige N.

Shige | Experienced Japanese Tutor in Los Angeles

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