Hello students! My name is Donna H., and I am available to render my tutoring support in reading, writing, and vocabulary.

I have strong verbal, listening and communication skills which enhances my academic abilities in English. I helped to tutor my nephew (Joseph) who once struggled with learning problems in elementary academics. He was also tutored by outside tutors. As a result [with moral and academic support] Joseph excelled so much until his 5th grade teacher thought adults were actually completing his assignments for him; his school work eventually became more comprehensible to him; he was able to complete his assignments all by himself with very little help (if any). He is now a grown 25 year old man; working and pursuing his career as a professional Musical Artist and professional songwriter for his group. When you learn the basics and the details [problem solving] in what you are pursuing, you can accomplish and or conquer most any task in life. It is possible to exceed your expectations; Many people have. Brainstorming is part of the learning process; you can do it! It is important to thrive in your endeavors. My professional background as a successful business owner/CEO (over 20 years in the home health care industry and as a business and career consultant), exceptional skills through studying (1-12th grade) and college/training [studied at Everest University] has prepared me to assist students in preparing themselves for a successful and passionate career through learning more. I’ve also had additional training and continuing education courses in the past before (and during running a business) going into business for myself (Insurance, medical billing, CNA/nursing, customer service and sales). I am now working toward advancing my career and abilities by obtaining a doctorate degree as an ARNP (advanced registered nurse practitioner). I believe that going higher in business requires more/higher education; it enhances the skills I already possess as well as add to a dynamic career/business profile - portfolio. I’m am looking forward to helping you put your best foot forward - while achieving academic success! Together we can make it happen.


Donna H.

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