Spanish tutoring

I was a Spanish teacher for 3 years in Mexico, I graduated from the university of Puebla in 1998 with an Architecture degree and then in 2005 a second degree in Education at the university of Monterrey.

I have a broad experience as a private tutor and for 3 years I taught elementary and High school level Spanish/English and some mathematics to numerous students in Mexico.

I excel in teaching conversational spanish to students from 15 years to adults, who after only a few lessons have mastered some basic grammar, gained confidence in constructing sentences as well as specific needs and necessities of specific situations.
I love tutoring because I'm so happy to see the faces of my students as they start to understand my native Language. I share the success and emotion of my students when their grades improve and tests become a pleasure to take.

Child psychology and Conversational Spanish.

I think it's a great opportunity and I hope to have a chance to help you master the Spanish Language. You can learn as quickly as you want. This language is very easy, because we will make it easy for you to learn. Please schedule a lesson.



Hola me llamo Maria Carmen Morales de Willcox. I am Mexnative

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