5 Outside of the box tips for fun tutoring!

While tutoring is about making sure you learn the material we are discussing, it should always have a balanced amount of learning and fun!  Here are some ways I keep my tutoring sessions a fun place to be:

1. Games - Learning is most successful when it's fun! When applicable, it can be a great change of pace to incorporate a game into the tutoring session. 
2. You get to be the teacher - Nothing shows me that you know your information best than when you can teach it to me! On this day we might switch jobs, and you will pretend to be the tutor helping me, your student. 
3. Songs - Sometimes the best way to memorize information is to put it in a song. Acronyms, lists of names, dates or even important people can make their way into your favorite song and then you'll never forget that information. 
4. Performances - for my music students, we will spend a lot of time working on technical skills to apply to your music making. But some of the best practice comes from performing. We could end our lesson with a show for mom and dad or a recording for your friends. 
5. Changing the pace - we need to make sure our routine doesn't get predictable. Maybe we usually start with Spanish vocabulary, and today we might watch a Spanish youtube video instead as a fun way to change things up. The more ways our brain has to get to the same information, the better we can remember it. 
These are just a few easy ways to keep the tutoring time exciting and educational at the same time!


Kyla M.

Musician, tutor and teacher.

200+ hours
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