What's a Career Student?

A friend of mine recently posed a question to me: "What exactly IS a career student? Is that the guy that has been in his senior year of high school since 2009?" No, young grasshopper, a career student is not that guy. That guy or girl is what we call a senior-senior, and he or she is usually a pretty awesome person that just really enjoys high school.

I came up with the term "career student" (peep the tagline) in an effort to describe the types of high school and college students that might be interested in my services and/or what I hope students that use my services will become. A career student is a student that treats their academic life like a professional career. I know a lot of career students, and yes, you want to be one of them. 

Career students have certain qualities that they have acquired with lots of effort and support. Anyone can be a career student (even people that HATE school). A lesson I learned after high school and during college is that education is an investment, so you better make the most of it. Here are some qualities that distinguish a career student from a regular student:

  • They have goals - The question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", has been answered by the career student. They may not know the exact title or the exact field, but they have an idea of things they want to accomplish and learn within the next few years.
  • They make connections - The career student has met with their guidance counselors, advisers, professors, teachers, coaches, mentors, and peers. They foster relationships with these people because they understand the importance of building bridges and having a solid support system. They go on interviews and maintain a positive profile in the community.
  • They exercise their bodies and minds - You only have one body and one mind. Career students stay healthy and active so they have the energy and strength to conquer their dreams. They read and challenge their mental capabilities to open their minds and discover new ideas.
  • They encourage others - It's not about being more important. It's about being the best you can be and encouraging others to do the same (ahem, look up the definition of a leader). 

A career student isn't a nerd. I also know a lot of nerds and I wouldn't consider some of them career students. Nerds are awesome people by the way because they make the best trivia partners (but, I digress). A career student can be on the cheer leading squad, chess club, drama club, basketball team, working at the local ice cream parlor, history buff, or even that senior-senior. You probably know exactly who I am talking about. If you don't consider yourself a career student, become one! A good way to start is by making friends with the career students you know. Make an investment in yourself as a student so that you can achieve the goals that you want.

Start now.


am i also a career student?   i tried to learn every day.  
Yaodi H.,
If you have goals for yourself and you take your academic career seriously, then yes, you would be considered a career student. Keep up the great work!


Dasia H.

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