5 outside the box tips that help make your tutoring lessons fun

Tutoring / teaching doesn't have to be boring.  A good teacher / tutor, is one who can make a lesson feel like it is not a lesson, but, it is, a lesson.  Deep.  Here are my five "outside" the box tips that help make learning fun.
1. Personalize the lesson for each student.
2. Within the lesson, incorporate what the student likes and is interested in.
3. Humor.  Got to have humor. 
4. Lessons should be "outside" the box style of lessons.  Not just blah, blah, blah lessons.
5. Creativity, imagination, and most of all, different.  Basically the same as tip #4.
* 4 and 5 are similar, does this still count as 5?  Please?
Learning takes place anywhere. Who said you can't have fun learning?  I sure do...


Douglas K.

K - 6th Math and Language Arts Specialist

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