Android Debugging over Wi-Fi for Gear VR Development

If you're developing for the Samsung Gear VR then you need to know how to debug your app over wi-fi. Since the phone has to be physically disconnected from the PC to be put on the headset, there is no way to get Android debug messages over the USB cable. 

ADB provides wireless debugging over Wi-Fi. To enable it follow the steps below.
At your command prompt, type
1. adb devices - You’ll get your device signature if it is connected to the USB
2. adb tcpip 5555 - This will open a port
3. Find the IP address of your Android device by going into the device Wi-Fi settings, mine is
4. adb connect

Now you can disconnect your phone from the computer and still get the debug messages from your program over wi-fi . Filter your logcat

5. Type adb logcat -s “YOUR_PROGRAM_TAG”

To get back to USB debugging

6. adb usb


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