Learning can be fun!

Learning can definitely be fun if you find the individual's learning style. We all process and learn new information in various ways. You have visual, auditory and kinesthetic as the main learning styles but there are more. Some ways in which you can assist students in learning is by seeing, saying, feeling relating and memorizing along with repetition to name a few.
However, nothing is dead set, if it means me getting beach sand, tap dancing or even rapping in order to assist a student in understanding, that is what we could and should do. We have to get creative, move away from the chalk board and the worksheets. It is time to make learning interactive and fun.
Children who struggle with learning are very receptive if they feel as though they are having fun and that they are not going to feel stupid if they answer that question wrong. I encourage teachers and tutors who have a genuine passion for assisting children in learning to make it fun, fun, fun.


Veronica W.

Tutor for all ages

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