Are there "common" words that your child or teen doesn't know? (START TALKING - today!)

In the course of tutoring, almost daily, I run across words that students do not know, and not understanding these words hampers them significantly.
Just today, a student did not know the word, "exhibits." The sentence was a question about the passage she had just read.
What personality trait(s) does our main character exhibit?
A good tutor,  and I try every day to be one!) doesn't just give her kiddos an exercise to do. First, he or she should read it, evaluate its appropriateness, and then, if it is something that will be effective and enlightening, administer it.  The tutor should also discreetly observe the student while he or she is completing the assignment. Finally, because work without feedback is of little value, the tutor should grade and evaluate that work, (if possible,) within that same session.
Well, today, I was observing my teen student while I was preparing yet another quick reading assessment by reading it and trying to be sure that it was "doable," but challenging enough for my her.
I saw that "Kelly" was really hesitating over one question - the one with the word "exhibit' in it.
Cautiously, I asked, "Do you know all of the words in those questions?" She nodded, but I knew that she "frozen" over something.
Me - (Tutor) Okay, let me interrupt for a moment.
Kelly  - (A little relieved) Sure.
Me - Okay, I am looking at that question. Do you understand what it is asking?
Kelly - Yeah, well, sort of...
Me - Kelly, what does it mean to "exhibit something?"
Kelly, (Unsure) Well, it means say something... ? Something serious... ?
Me - Hmm... well, you are almost on the right track, but not quite...
Kelly, - (All ears)
Me - It means to show or to reveal something. For instance, a character might have the tendency to be very talkative.
How would the author write dialogue that reveals or exhibits that?
Kelly - She would be saying a lot of words.
Me - Well, yes, the author would have her talking a lot, so the dialogue, the part in quotes, will show that Kelly is the one who is talking the most.
Kelly - Oh, yeah
Me - Now, how would an author reveal a girl character who isolates, who keeps to herself most of the time?
Kelly - You mean, the opposite?
Me - Well, sort of.. yes
Kelly - Well, she wouldn't have much dialogue!~
Me - True, but could there be other ways?
Kelly - Yes, maybe she could sit alone at lunch
Me - Right!  What else?
Kelly - Maybe she would have a hard time making friends.
Me - And, how would the author exhibit that ?
Kelly - Maybe she would be walking home alone every day instead of walking with a group
Me - You bet!
And, that's how we teach words.
Here are some words. I have kept a list. My students did NOT know these, so parents, please be sure to talk about them with your sons, daughters, grandchildren, and other kiddos in your life!
Abstract (as it relates to art) and the words that I have starred* below! ( A lot of words are abstract!)
Armed Forces (As in Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy.) Let's say a prayer for these folks, too!
Marvel (verb form)
Quinoa (You should spend 2 or 3 dollars and let your kiddos taste it - if you haven't already done that!
*Selfless - But, most know "selfish."
I have more. This list is just from this week!
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