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Hi. My name is Yonnie.  Through my ample tutoring experience, I am demonstrating that I am an outstanding tutor who teaches the Korean language with confidence and zeal.

Being a native Korean you can trust that you will always be taught standard, accurate pronunciation and correct grammar.  Having lived for many years in both Korea and the United States, I am extremely comfortable with both cultures.  It is my goal that the instruction I provide opens my students to the real, everyday, Korean language in ways that simply aren’t available through textbooks, websites, or wherever else you care to search.    


I was born and raised in a large city, just south of Seoul, Korea.  I am married to an American and have been living in the U.S. for more than two decades. 

When I was a college student in Korea, I had a passion for teaching poor children, hoping to boost their chances for academic success.  For two years I taught the English language during night school at the local town center, helping them to achieve their high school GED.

Following college, through jobs at the office of foreign-owned company in Seoul and later on U.S. military bases in Korea, I gained experience of translating Korean to English and English to Korean, interpreting documents, and teaching the Korean language to American soldiers nearly every day.

After my marriage to an Air Force officer and relocating to the U.S., I attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, majoring in Management Information Systems.  I completed my studies, graduating with honors (cum laude).  Then, my family returned to Korea for a two-year assignment.  While there I worked for a U.S. Army brigadier general.  Language translation services and the interpretation of documents were a regular part of my job.

Upon returning to the States, I raised my son and taught him the Korean language since he was born.  From the time he was a baby, I spoke to him only in Korean at home.  He is now 19 years old and fluent in Korean with perfect pronunciation.  To experience the real Korean language, which is a major part of a nation’s culture, I took him to Korea during several summer breaks.  Due to his strong familiarity with the Korean language, he was able to translate Korean sermons for a church youth group during regular Sunday services.
At my church in Bethesda, MD, I volunteered to teach Sunday school.  Over a ten-year period I taught elementary grade students and students up to their late teen years.  The kids spoke a mix of languages, English and Korean. By being fluent in both languages, I was better equipped to approach the kids and was able to educate them better for a brighter future.

As a proud ambassador representing my wonderful country, I would like to introduce you to Korea by teaching its language with that same passion, sharing my deep love for the Korean culture during these lessons.


Yonnie M.

Now you can talk!

1000+ hours
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