Geometry does not have to be intimidating, confusing, or miserable. It should be the most fun math class in high school.

When I took Geometry in high school, I was intimidated, confused, and just plain miserable. What had happened to learning math. I was a wiz in Algebra 1 and made straight A's on all my work, tests, and grade. Then in Geometry I was failing in all areas. I had to take Geometry in summer school to make up for the F, I made during my sophomore year. I went to college and graduated 15 years after I graduated high school. I took just about every math course offered. I ended up being an Industrial Engineer and had a wonderful rewarding and successful career. Just before I was ready to retire, I decided to teach high school math. After teaching 4 classes of Algebra 1 and 1 class of Algebra 2 my first year, I went to another school to teach, of all subjects: Geometry. I went over the text book from cover to cover. Then I decided to teach Geometry like I wished was done when I was in high school. From day 1 to finals, everyone one of my students really, and I mean really, enjoyed my class. The only question asked of me by my prior students was, "Mr. Williams, can I take Geometry again?" Among the hundreds of students I taught, I had only 1 that did not pass. This was because this was an older student that simply did not want to be in school and who failed to show up. Sadly, this student could have made an A as she was really smart. She turned 18 before the end of that school year and dropped out. For all my students that showed up for class, they found it interesting, actively engaging, and they learned Geometry is the most fun class in high school mathematics that exists. They measured things, they found shapes, they compared things, they described things, and learned to use what they learned in Geometry in and out of school, right now, not years from now in some higher level college math or scientific job. As I am now retired and now tutor students, I want them to see Geometry as my students did while teaching full time.
41 minutes ago | Richard W.
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