5 Signs Your Family Needs a Tutor

School can be tough sometimes- really tough. When after-school tutoring, intersession (extra time in the classroom during breaks), and individualized attention isn’t enough, what do you do next? What can you do to ensure your child’s success? How do you know when it's time to get some extra help?

1. Homework is an exceptionally difficult chore- for everyone. When your child is exhibiting avoidance behaviors when you bring up the subject of homework, it might be time for outside help. Avoidance behaviors with homework usually take the form of bargaining, whining, excuses, ignoring homework, or even disappearing to a bedroom or friend’s house when it’s time to do homework. If your child is actively avoiding homework, it might be a sign of poor comprehension, poor time management, or a lack of motivation. Either way, a private tutor can help address these problems.

2. Tears are common during homework time. It might not just be your child who has tears in their eyes by the time homework is finished! If homework causes a great deal of anxiety in your household, it might be time for outside help. A private tutor can help coach you on how to help your student more effectively, and help address poor comprehension.

3. Your child’s teachers always have the same feedback for you. While this can be a great thing, if your child’s teachers are encouraging you to read more at home during every parent-teacher conference you’ve been to for the last 3 years, it might be time for outside help. Sometimes students respond differently to different strategies in different environments. In other words, what works for your child at school might not work at home, and vice versa. Sometimes, doing the same things at home won’t really help your child. In other cases, duplicating strategies used at school can actually be more effective. Every child is unique, and what works for one child may not work for another. An experienced private tutor can help your sort out what’s helpful in the classroom and what’s helpful at home.

4. You have no idea how to help your child with homework anymore. Sure, adding is adding and dividing is dividing. But what’s a factor tree? How do you divide out a variable? What is “Mean Standard Deviation?” How are you supposed to find a coordinating conjunction when you aren’t sure what that is? If your child’s homework is getting too difficult – or different – for you to follow, it might be time to call in outside help. A great private tutor will help you AND your child find additional resources to help get you through those tough homework nights.

5. Your child is failing a class. While there are many reasons for failure, a tutor can help identify your child’s problem and execute a solution quickly. Whether your child is failing because of a lack of interest or motivation, lack of subject knowledge, or poor comprehension of how to complete assignments, a private tutor can provide the extra support that a struggling student needs. With our one-on-one model, it’s possible to start seeing results after only one hour-long session.


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