How I make tutoring fun?

Not matter what age group and subject, these are my top 5 tips for making learning fun:
1. Start with a fun conversation about the day = this allows me to get the temperance of the student, we all have good days and bad days, this way I can tailor my lesson based on the student's current mood/mindset.
2. Incorporating laughter and jokes = students are more responsive to new information if they are in a good mood.
3. Role play = taking complex or difficult topics within a lesson and applying them to real life situations related to interests the student recognizes.
4. Have the student teach me what they just learned = shows me the levels of comprehension they got from the lessons of the day.
5. Ending the lesson with a motivational quote, song or video  = helps prepare them for their next day.


Heidi P.

A Happy Scientist who believes in your Success!

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