5 ways to make tutoring lessons fun

Learning can be exciting and tutoring gives the advantage to find out what works for one student, and tailor lessons to his or her learning style. Here are 5 tips that I think about to make my tutoring lessons fun!
  1.  Use real life examples in the news. There is a lot happening in the world, and articles about current events are a great way to teach grammar, vocabulary or reading comprehension. Reading comprehension can also be tested by removing key words from sentences in fun articles that forces the student to use deductive reasoning to guess the right one.
  2. Use examples in a subject area that the student likes. If a student likes watching basketball, think about probability examples or any math problems. Connecting new concepts to a known (and liked) hobby is a great way to ensure that students maximize comprehension. 
  3. Listen to music. I found that listening to songs is a great way to teach a new language to a non-native speaker. Songs are fun to listen to and also catchy - so the student will remember it. There are a number of grammar lessons in songs as well as vocabulary and story-telling.
  4. Don't beat a dead horse. If a student is just not getting a concept, and you are losing their attention, change subjects! Go back to something that he or she does well and circle back with the concept later.
  5. Play games. If you can make your lessons competitive that can help - giving points or choosing a reward system is a great way to keep students engaged and motivated.


Christophe J.

Multi-skilled tutor--SATs, French, Arabic, English, STEM

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