5 Reasons Why My Tutoring is Fun

I had a blast in school but certainly not all the time. There were classes I didn't like and teachers I didn't connect with. As much as I enjoyed the school experience there were some things that always fell short in my estimation. As a tutor- one of my biggest jobs is to help make the experience as fun or entertaining as possible. Here are five things I do that make tutoring fun!
Number One: Education as Entertainment
Learning should be fun most of the time. If it's not fun ANY of the time, than we're doing it wrong.
Number Two: Gaming the system
School curriculum isn't a universal application. Different students will have different needs and strengths. By teaching the student how to easily navigate their assignments, they can spend more time using the material for their own instead of the material using them.
Number Three: Honest Thoughts
Teachers and students have a distinct lack of frankness sometimes that I've found to hinder workflow. By being completely honest with students about their own personal scholastic struggles and interests, improvements can begin and complete sooner. 
Number Four: Write What you Care About
I do everything in my power to make writing prompts and reading sections relevant and meaningful to my students. Every lesson will strive to combine current school work with popular subjects of interest. If they like the work, they'll probably like the results.
Number Five: Trick Yourself Into Success
For reading and writing, we use a method I discovered during my undergraduate work that makes any paper or reading section easy to take apart, put back together, and perfect. The best art is that it's an easy method- and ease makes for more fun in the future!


Jon R.

English and Theatre Instructor

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