Preparing for a Career in Healthcare

If you are interested in a healthcare career, I definitely encourage you to pursue it! Don't let the fact that you may still be in high school or that you already may have a career in another field, stop you from exploring the possibilities in healthcare. If you want to succeed in the competitive environment surrounding most healthcare careers, academic preparation is very important. If you have any questions related to healthcare, please let me know, and I will answer them or refer you to other resources. I love helping students in science and healthcare related studies!


I agree. Academic preparation with a good solid work history behind it. Want to be a nurse? Work 1-2 years as a CMA in a nursing home. Why? You will be exposed daily to the names, side effects, and interactions of the most common 100 medications used out there. Then, when you are in nursing school, you can save your energy to apply it to learning the disease process, common sense medicine and nursing process instead of ALSO having to learn the medications. 


Joyce P.

Nursing/Healthcare/Science Career Tutor--Learn from Success

20+ hours
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