My 5 outside the box tips that make my lessons fun

Firstly, tutoring is an art. I try my best to make each lesson unique. My number one tip is try to find a way to explain material through everyday phenomena. For example, in chemistry we use stoichiometry to find the right amounts of substance need for producing a certain amount of products. Before of jumping into the mathematical madness, I explain the concept through cooking. Chemical equations can be treated just like recipes. Students are more likely to understand the concept through things that they are familiar with.  
 My second tip is to take difficult things and make them into something silly or funny. I use this when I am explaining dimensional analysis. Many students struggle with unit conversions and unit simplification. What I do is I put the joules, kilograms, and meter/sec away and I explain dimensional analysis through smiley faces, hot dogs, frowny faces, and hamburgers. To do this I set a certain number of smiley faces equal to hamburgers and frowny faces equal to hot dogs. Then I convert a certain number of smiley faces into hot dogs. It is kind of weird but fun. Students will be able to look at the big picture without feeling too serious.
 My third tip is to find out what your students interests are and relate the material to the things that they like to do. If your student likes music then explain algebra through music intervals, if they like art then show them the underlying aesthetic geometry in famous artwork.
My fourth tip is to use jokes. A simple joke can go a long way. It is crucial for students to understand charges of sub-atomic particles. So see if your student gets this joke. A proton walks into a bar and asks for a drink the bar tender goes sure. Then an electron walks into the bar the bartender goes your tab is negative. Then a neutron walks into the bar the bartender just gives him a drink. The neutron goes what do I owe you? The bartender says no charge! 
My final tip is to practice your material daily. I believe that well versed tutors have the opportunity to be more creative. No one expects their tutor to be a walking textbook but successful tutors know their subject very well.


Evan G.

Tarheel Tutoring- Math, Chemistry, Physics

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