Preparing For September and Beyond

For many students, last year in school was frustrating and there were needs that perhaps were not appropriately met.  Maybe it was accommodations needed that were not in place or it was study or organizational skills that are lacking and are not being supported in school.  Or, if your child is in high school, perhaps they're struggling with writing -- research papers, essays, or preparing for the writing portion of the college admissions exams.
Summer is the time to evaluate what has happened and where things need to improve for the upcoming school year.  Every school year matters and ensuring that your child is realizing success vs. struggles can make all the difference.  A few tips include:
  • Ensuring that your child has a quiet area for school/homework.  TV, video games, and even texting cannot and should not compete with their ability to focus;
  • Online calendars are great, yet many students do better with an actual calendar/day planner for writing down assignments, deadlines, and keeping track; and
  • Remember that you need to monitor your child's progress or struggles throughout the year.  This is how you can be proactive vs. waiting until minor issues become major ones.


Debra S.

College Planning/Preparation, Writing, and Learning Differences

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