5 Outside the Box Tips to make Tutoring Fun!

Tip 1:  Always get to know your student, but be sure to keep it at a professional level and nothing too personal
Tip 2:  Play certain educational games that can include learning definitions, or formulas 
Tip 3:  Don't be too serious,  try to have a relaxing environment so the student won't feel so uptight
Tip 4:  Try to include comedy in the routine, from what I've learned most students either "hate" the subject and want to get it over with, but adding a comedic level to the subject can make them have a better attitude towards learning it.
Tip 5:  If a student does well on a test, I may bring in a snack or something to reward them with for their hard work


Cameron Z.

Para-professional Accounting Tutor for Financial and Managerial Acct.

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