Learning's should not be difficult at all time

      I think of learning as someone who just win a champion, a million dollar schorlaship, or who just have the most important thing he or she was waiting for in he/she lives, for a long periodof time. When that moment occurs he or she cannot stop smile for years. Therefore, my five tips to help make a fun learning for students and I are writting below.
      First, I open a five munite discussion with the student to know where he or she weaknesses are in the Subject we're working on. Also, find what is the best way he or she learn's.
      Second, I figure out ways I can relate he/she difficulty in way back math such pre-k, first grade math, or money best on how he/she learn's.
      Third, I'll make an appropriate joke to get the student engagement, or I share my way of approaching a subject like that when I was in he/she shoes.  
      Fourth, Is to stop for a moment when the student is having a difficulty understanding the subject or the problem. Have a two to three munites discussion about what he or she like to do the most in him/her spare time. Then go back to the problem after. 
      Fifth, I encourage the student to practice for forty five munite and take fiftheen munite each time to do the favorite she like to do in he or she spare time when he/she get home.


Bermane M.

I have a strong desire to help students succeed.

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