Preparing for the ACT or SAT

Almost every college or university requires students to submit an ACT or SAT score.  This score affects not only your admission application but also scholarship opportunities and which classes you will be able to enroll in.  The vast majority of students do little to no preparation work before taking these exams.  They may feel that all their hard work in high school should have prepared them already.  Although this is partially true, it is actually quite easy to raise your score a significant amount by just putting in a little bit more work.  Students can see composite ACT scores raise 5 or more points and SAT scores raise 300 or more points.  Why is this?
1)  Both the ACT and SAT test many of the same concepts repeatedly and by learning these core concepts, you will easily get a higher score.  
2)  You will get more familiar with the format of the test and start to see patterns in how they ask questions.  Once you identify these patterns, finding the answers becomes much easier.  It's like learning to ride a bike.  At first, your brain is using most of its energy and concentration trying to stay balanced.  But you quickly stop thinking about that and your brain is free to focus on something else.  Once you learn the test format, your brain is free to stop thinking about the test and start thinking about the actual questions and answers.  
3)  ACT and SAT are not knowledge tests.  The test makers freely admit that these tests are designed not to see how much you know, but to see how skilled you are at learning and processing information.  When you learn how the test makers set up the exam and practice answering their questions, you will learn how to think like they expect you to think and will raise your score.  
Spending some time and effort preparing for the ACT or SAT will absolutely be worth it.  You are about to spend years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars in higher education.  By spending a few weeks preparing, you will ensure that your ACT or SAT score will get you into the college you want to go as well as getting you the scholarships and class placement that you deserve. 


Dear Josh W.
The information you provided on the ACT and SAT was very helpful to me.  I thought almost exactly very thing you wrote. However, you confirmed it. Now, I know that I am on the right track.     Thanks, Faith W.  


Josh W.

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