Sisters and Collage

Sisters, six and ten, jumped right in to the new project. A big bag of colorful paper scraps, with many different images of butterflies, flowers, fairies, tigers, etc. certainly caught their attention! Collage is familiar to them and there was no hesitation in approaching the medium. I explained to the girls about sharing the materials, which worked well. It is obvious that S. has a certain respect for I. and I. is generous. So, despite thinking there may be a little fight over this or that fancy paper or flower or fairy, there was peace.

Both girls are dexterous. I., being older, has the ability to plan ahead and lay out her ideas before fixing them in place (with glue, of course). S. is starting to think more in this sort of "planning mode" and this is good to see, as she is naturally very impulsive (characteristic of her extrovert personality). She was more thoughtful about placement of her chosen elements than she has been in the past. I think she has a very analytical mind, besides her obvious advanced manual control. These are the things that make teaching children so interesting.

The girls were so involved with the project that I permitted them to "leave a mess", having them promise to clean up when they are done for the day. It would have been counter-productive to stop them in the midst of their explorations. I also think it useful to get them to work independently, as the teacher's role really is to get them interested and let them "take off" on a personal path. Even very young children can be guided in this way.


Deborah S.

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