5 Ways to Have Fun Learning French

Hey there! Learning a new language is daunting. True! But it doesn't have to be that way all the time. I try to incorporate fun exercises in my lesson plans. So here are 5 ways that the student can learn and have a good time!
1. Poetry
I have many works of poetry in French from all the classics! Students can learn the pace of the language as well as work on their pronunciation, all while learning about the great French masters of language.
2. Novels
Whether you are a Twilight or a Harry Potter fan, I have books in French, where more advanced students can read a chapter and analyze its contents. 
3. Music
The French are known for more than just the romantic accordion. France has a legacy of rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, and rap. Listening to music is an enjoyable way for students of all ages to learn to listen and improve their aural skills. 
4. Short, Easy Exercises
When it does come to book work, I like to keep it short and easy. I have workbooks with short writing exercises to help improve grammar and comprehension. They're quick--so we can get back to the fun stuff. 
5. Photos, stories, memories and more!
From my time in France, I have hundreds of photos, stories, and memories to share about French culture and the Parisian way of life. I can help students learn how to speak like actual French people--not as if from a textbook. From Parisian slang to the differences in pronunciation of different dialects, I add real-world examples to each lesson. 


Ariel S.

Rice University Grad

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