Summer Solstice - A Good Time for a Good Read

All students should enjoy a healthy and joyful summer break. It's important to take breaks. But it's also important to hone your writing skills before the next school season begins in the fall.
I remember one of my writing teachers telling me a long time ago that the best way to learn how to write was to read. And he was right. In addition to practicing writing -- because writing is a practice -- I was always reading a book.
So during the summer, try to catch up on a few good, well-written books that are age appropriate for you. It doesn't have to be a boring read. It can be a fun read. A librarian can help you make some choices. 
Notice the author's sentence and paragraph structure. Take note of what kind of language the author is using: is it formal or informal?

Or pick up a newspaper. Or a quality magazine like National Geographic. I do not recommend blogs unless the content is edited and curated. Not every blogger is a writer or has the benefit of an editor.

Reading more will also help in other subject areas as well as tests and general reading comprehension.  Getting used to reading regularly will also make the next school year or semester workload a lot easier to handle.

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Maria D.

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