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I suppose I should dedicate this space to an introduction, to give you an idea of what I offer, moreso than just the basic profile.
I am very passionate about education. I suppose I always have been--something my mother instilled in me--but in the last few years I have begun working in that realm. I have been an in home tutor, substitute teacher, and worked with non profits as a teacher and tutor. Maybe a bit off of the beaten path, but I feel that going a non traditional route has given me more hands on, real world, practical knowledge.
I am adept at working with limited English speakers, which I feel gives me an edge. I have worked with children and adults alike in this area, and am always looking to do more work with refugees, especially.
I also have a lot of customer service experience, which at first glance may not seem important. To me, it is a very important and influential part of how I handle teaching. Rather than "customers" it's "students" however, my skill, knowledge, and expertise is the product being sought after, and it's my job to provide the best instruction (service) I can to give you the best value for your time and money. Same principle, different setting. I'm used to working with very simplistic sales situations, up to more complex and driven situations. Sales is not my ultimate goal, however, I do feel it has helped me develop skills that transfer to my attitude towards education.
I consider myself a very worldly minded person, always looking at a broader spectrum, or how things play out on a more convoluted level. I spend most of my time around people from other countries, who speak other languages, or spend a lot of time traveling. I've always had an interest in the world around me, even as a kid (Ancient Egypt anyone?). So progressing into understanding and learning about languages, as well as learning more about history, politics, and travel has been a natural fit for me. I feel I can come not just from an educated angle, but an angle that has a bit of wisdom as well (not as much as some, but definitely more than most). Not only do I have "book smarts" but I have a lot of real world experiences, or "street smarts" too.
Here's to hope that things work out well for this venture. I look forward to meeting you and getting to work with you!


Erika S.

French, English, and ESL Tutor

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