Rosetta Stone Totale

Rosetta Stone Totale is a pretty cool program. I've been using it to learn some basics - Hebrew and Italian - and its actually been a lot of fun. How much you like Rosetta Stone Totale will depend on what type of learner you are. I was never an exemplary language learner, my talents are more mathematical and analytic, but Rosetta Stone Totale is very much changing that for me currently. It helps that I can have the computer repeat itself as much as I please.
Interestingly, I've skipped over spelling and voicing because these parts are not great to do with a computer. You basically find out if what you did is right or wrong, not what part of what you did is right or wrong and how you can improve. This means that my focus is almost entirely on vocabulary, which has its own sections in the Rosetta Stone Menu.
The program is unique in that you spend a lot of time looking at pictures and coming up with stories for them as if they were cards. Your short term memory gets more use on these programs, too I suspect.
I may try and do more grammar, which I find more tedious. Unfortunately getting to the advanced stories is just too much fun on this program.
Rosetta Stone is worth it, and I heard their tutoring is actually fairly good, though it does only stick to the course, but it turns out you need to activate your product and start the tutoring within a year to get the tutoring. Unfortunately I put mine aside for more then a year and thus have not used the tutoring.


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