My Teaching Philosophy

I believe each child is a star.

Every student has the ability to learn and should be given the support and opportunity they need to succeed and reach their full potential. Each child should be seen as a unique contribution to the class and the student should always come first. As a teacher, I am here to keep high expectations of every student and set standards that align to goals that the student wants to achieve. I believe in each child who steps into my classroom and as their teacher I will help them discover who they are as individuals and guide them on their journey of who they want to become. By letting students showcase their unique talents and interests through alternative assessments and assignments, I can make sure every student is having the opportunity to showcase what they have learned while still being the shining individuals that make up my class.

I believe teaching and learning needs to be outside the box.

As an educator I need to provide creative solutions for the academic, social, and behavior challenges that my class is faced with. All students need to know the basics and develop problem solving skills and practical knowledge for everyday life but this should be done in innovative forms that encourage students to want to learn. Not every child learns the same way or in a linear fashion. With an integrated curriculum and accommodated lessons, I can differentiate instruction to meet the learning needs of all my students

I believe learning is collaborative.

Learning needs to be a combined effort between teachers, students, and members of the community. I feel that there needs to be open and consistent communication between the teacher, student, and the student’s guardians. In addition, communication should not solely be focused on the student’s challenges and weakness, but should include the strengths and progress the student is making as well. All of this can be achieved through class newsletters, conferences, emails and phone calls.

I believe in a global classroom.

Classrooms are more diverse than ever and as a teacher I want my students to respect and embrace different cultures. I want my students to see the similarities between one another, but also accept the differences of others. Since globalization has become a major aspect of today’s society, I want my students to see the world beyond their backyard, and understand and become part of the global community. Through integrating world literature, international pen pals, and utilizing technology I can bring the world into the classroom to my students’ finger tips.

I believe learning is not only for the students.

Teaching is a lifelong learning process where everyday I have the opportunity to grow as an individual. I consider the classroom to be a place where both students and teachers learn together. Children have imaginative minds that see the world in a different light and their thoughts and actions have shown me a newfound joy and innocence in the world. They have reminded me to smile and laugh often, treasure life’s simple pleasures, and stay curious. They inspire my passion, and the hope that I can promote the love of lifelong learning I have in them.

I believe in being the best educator I can be.


Jennifer K.

Certified Elementary, SPED, Reading Specialist and ESL Tutor

10+ hours
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