5 Tips to Make Tutoring Fun

1. Bring on the interests: I incorporate student interests into the activities and lessons I do. For instance, to help students with a writing skill, I have the student write about a favorite character.
2. Get up and move: There is no reason for students to learn by just sitting down at a table. I incorporate kinesthetic and sensory activities that get students moving to fire up their brain and make more learning connections.
3. Add in a favorite subject: If your tutoring a student in reading but they enjoy science then teach them and incorporate the reading skills into the lesson. The student is then learning the skills they need while engaging in a subject they love. Double the learning!
4. Make a project: Take tutoring beyond homework help and have students work on a longer project. The project will allow the student to see their progress as well as have a finished item that shows the skills they have learned. For instance, in my reading and writing tutoring sessions, I have students work on making their own stories. They get to learn the skills and take ownership in a project all their own.
5. Students Know Best: Have students give you feedback and advice for future lessons and activities. Students know what skills they need to work on and what sort of activities they like so let them have a voice. 


Jennifer K.

Certified Elementary, SPED, Reading Specialist and ESL Tutor

10+ hours
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