A Great Opportunity for Online Tutoring

I just tutored my very first Online tutoring session.
No, please don't get me wrong.  I've done plenty of tutoring!
I've tutored 14 and 16 hour-days straight helping students prepare for their final exams, and I've gained, in my best reasonable approximation, well over 10,000 hours of experience tutoring.  Because I used to do it full time!  And now I am again. Part-time full-time.  :)
However, I had never wanted to leap that big hurdle of creating my own platform or set-up to do online tutoring!  it just felt like so much to trouble-shoot and research, and... frankly, as a working mother with 3 children and volunteer positions, it just had never felt like the direction to be putting my time!
Maybe it would have been worth it in the end.  I don't know.
But I am so happy!!  Because WyzAnt now offers a great online tutoring platform.  (Plus, they do the majority of my marketing for me!)
So, i just tutored my very first ONLINE tutoring session EVER!!!  And it went GREAT!!  if you have been afraid to try it out - don't be!  Just leave yourself a few extra minutes before your first session to familiarize yourself with the online platform and the great tools it offers (and to troubleshoot any technological difficulties).
So in the end (or is this a new beginning?), I am so very thankful to the WyzAnt company for doing all the hard leg-work for me...  Thanks Gents (and ladies, I'm sure)!  Wouldn't have done it without ya'.  
Aubrey J.


Thanks, Aubrey. I have my first tutoring session tomorrow and even though I have tutored hundreds of hours, I am a bit nervous. I'm sure I will get through it fine though.
Elvira J.
I've tutored and taught students for years, but want to leap into online tutoring since my husband's job as a travel nurse has us on the move. Do you have suggestions for a place to go for tips and pointers as an ESL online tutor?


Aubrey J.

Patient, Dynamic, Caring, Experienced Tutor

800+ hours
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