List of all syllable types, in what levels of O-G lesson plans they are introduced and examples of each:

i. (cl) Closed Syllable (13 variations)
A closed syllable ends with a consonant.
The vowel sound immediately before the final consonant is usually a short sound.
EX: Division Patterns Introduced: Level 1
vc ----- (at, red, ship, dish, desk)
vc/cv ----- (nap/kin, rab/bit)
vc/vc-e ----- (in/hale, com/pen/sate)
EX: Division Patterns Introduced: Level 2
vc/cv ----- (rab/bit)
vc/ccv ----- (lob/ster)
vcc//cv ----- (pump/kin)
vcc/ccv ----- (back/ground)
EX: Division Patterns Introduced: Level 3
vc/v ----- (rob/in)
ii. (vc-e) Vowel-Consonant-Silent e
Syllable Introduced: Level 1
The final e is silent in a vc-e syllable.
The silent e at the end of the syllable makes the vowel long.
EX: (ape, safe, pane, scale, slate, shade, complete, textile, note, mule).
iii. (o)  Open Monosyllable
Introduced: Level 2
An open syllable ends with a vowel.
The vowel has a long sound.
The syllable may be just one letter (if it is a vowel).
Long Vowel Open-Monosyllable
EX: (he, me, she, my, by, go, hi, I).
(o) Open Polysyllabic
Introduced: Level 3
EX: (po-ny, mu-sic, e-rase, ba-by, spi-der).
v/cv ---- (ra/ven)
iv. (vv) Vowel Team & Diphthong Syllable
Introduced: Level 2
A vowel team is two adjacent vowels in a single syllable that consistently represents a single long vowel sound.
EX: ai-(sail), ay-(tray), ea-(eat), ee-(feed), ey-(key), oa-(boat), oo-(food), oo-(book), oe-(toe).
     (vv) Vowel Team Polysyllabic Open Long
Introduced: Level 4
This pattern has few words.
The first syllable is always open with the long vowel sound as in gi-ant.
The second syllable is usually short and followed by a consonant (closed syllable) as in gi-ant, po-et, ne-on, unless another syllable division rule takes precedence as in cre-ate.
***** Pleaser note ***** 
The two vowels in the vv syllable are not vowel teams as they are reversed or reading them together as a team does not produce a real word.
v. (r) R-Controlled Syllable
Introduced: Level 2
An r-controlled syllable always has at least 1 vowel followed by the letter /r/ giving the vowel a unique sound.
EX: (ar, or, er, ir, ur) (arbor, mark, perk, birch, horn, turf).
vi. (c-le) Consonant-le Syllable
Introduced: Level 3-5
A consonant-le syllable comes at the end of a word; (cradle, bubble, title).
A consonant-le syllable has NO vowel sound.
The silent e at the end of the syllable is the only vowel.
Only the consonant and the l are pronounced.
EX: (sam-ple, gob-ble, mar-ble, ca-ble, ea-gle, noo-dle)


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