2 Quick Tips to Help You Ace Your NEXT TEST (Bonus: 3 AMAZING music videos)

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I've had years of experience with teaching and tutoring math and science, and I've been a student of science and math myself. Some of my students have asked me about strategies for learning math and science concepts that are fun and effective. Here are two quick tips to help you ace that next test or homework assignment. Good luck!
  • Make connections between what you're learning and what you'd actually like to learn. 
This tip is for people who are learning concepts that don't interest them very much (yet) and are interested in lots of other cool things. Are you learning about graphing inequalities but you're not really a fan of pre-algebra in general? Have a parent or a friend make up word problems about real-life situations that would be interesting to you! Don't like geometry but you're a big fan of dinosaurs and volcanoes? Maybe making up your own problems where you need to figure out how the velocity of a rock that was blasted out of a volcano during an eruption, or the volume of the cranial cavity of a T. Rex (hint: it's not very big).
  • Find a study buddy-- but make time to study by yourself, too
Finding a study buddy can make studying a lot more fun as long as you don't get distracted. Try "teaching" each other how to do practice problems on a whiteboard--explain each of the steps you used and make your study buddies do the same--and making up practice tests (complete with your own "answer keys") for each other. You should also try grading each other's practice tests, and making up mnemonic devices that will help you remember things better. 


+ Quadratic Formula ('Crank That' parody):

+ another quadratic formula video, inspired by T-Swift:
+ "Super Base" (exponents) inspired by Nicki Minaj:


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