Why Choose Drama?

Drama does not just mean using your imagination to be another character. It is more than memorizing lines and performing them in front of an audience. It means revealing yourself and your character at the inner core and grasping the truth of what the character is feeling, thinking, wanting, and expressing. 
Many people believe acting looks simple because when you see a fantastic actor, it appears as though their feelings on camera or on stage are completely natural and completely honest. As an actress, I believe that there is a lot of truth to that. When I act, I feel as though I am a unique person, and I feel the emotions and experience the thoughts in the moment of that scene. I lose the self-consciousness of who I am and who is watching me and settle into the moment. This is what results in natural and honest acting.
It touches my heart when I see an actor become vulnerable on screen or on stage. I feel a sense of longing when I see an actor with the look of unrequited love.
This is why we need to teach the arts. This is why we can never let go. This is why we're human.


Emma F.

Effective Theatre Teacher

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