Learning can be fun

Have you ever been in a situation where comments were made in a negative form. Well I have, I would be 17 years old in my English, History, or biology class and would say to my self, " I hate this", or "teachers are boring", or "I will never be able to understand and figure this out". Well if I could only go back and say that, "yes, yes you can", Learning can be fun, challenging but exciting.
Here are some of my creative ways I teach my pupils. Depending on age, attitude, area of subject, and behavior of the person, I can easily make adjustments to different learning plans to focus on their needs.
1) Create useful and relevant learning experiences based on the age group and interests. For example: you love everything outside, well why not create a learning environment outside, full of activities you love to do. Every subject can be implemented into activities of your interest.
2) Explore.... Having multiple different things that will make your student inspired which gets them wanting to know more about the subject. Many times we take the class because we have too, however we do not have an interest in the subject. Every subject can become interesting no matter what it is. It takes new innovative ways to explore the students needs and wants.
3) Facilitate group discussions. Get everyone involved through communication between each other. Since we all have our own learning techniques, sharing between each other gives us the opportunity to learn in a different way on the same topic.
4) For me personally, sitting there listening to someone talk, I can't do it. I am a visual, yet hands on learner. I take lectures and make them into a real life scenario. History, Civil war. Why not have a group of students gather, break into different important aspects to the War. Have them research the information, and then take them on a field trip to a Civil War location, and act it out. Not only do they begin to really respect history, and everything it has to offer in knowledge to what and why we are here. I guarantee that if I were to give them a test on the subject, the would all pass with flying colors.
5) I love making everything creative. I will challenge different subjects, problem solving exercises, case studies, artifacts, really anything with a games and exploring.
6) I Let their learning occur through their mistakes. I don't critize or provide failing information. Instead, after they provide a wrong answer, I challenge them to answer it orally, or in a different way, or to research, find the answer and then return to tell me what you have learned. Many students including my self have test anxiety. I believe this is from years of teachers putting those big RED check marks on my wrong answers, giving me a letter grade, and moving on. How will I ever learn from what I got wrong? I know this information, but for some reason I get it wrong every time I take a test?
7) Stimulation.... Encouraging them to think outside the box, create brain teasers, I really love getting inside the brain and finding out, how they retrieved this answer, or what their though process was to this.
8) Suspense, Creativity, Exploring, Stimulation, Accommodation.... These are the areas I really focus on, I will learn my students with observing their behavior in different fields. I will make learning fun, fun is the key word.... What is the student interested in, where and what do they like to explore, how do they learn... Do they love to sing, (well bring learning into music), Do they love the outdoors (well every subject can be taught out there, with using all of the environments already established materials).


Jennifer S.

Patient and knowledgeable for many subjects; students shall succeed

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