What Would the World Be Like if Everyone Truly Got 6th Grade Math?

When I tutor 4th and 5th graders, sometimes I share with them that all everyone really needs to know in life mathematically is a 6th grade level of math.  Then, I hedge that it's still good to know more, just as it's good to be stronger than one needs to be to carry out most tasks!  But a 6th grade level of math is critical for being a good steward and a good citizen and tragically many lack it.  It's not unlike a form of blindness that can too easily be taken advantage of and I like to see my work as helping folks believe they can see better!  

But beyond that, I wonder what our world would be like if we all got and used a 6th grade level of mathematics? What would our election campaigns be like if everyone was scrutinizing both sides budget plans and demanding more detail and reasoning than the vague statements politicians prefer to say...

Maybe Europe or Asia might give us clues???  But big ideas like these are part of what motivates me to tutor!


David L W.

PhD Tutor in Math, Statistics and Economics and Writing

1250+ hours
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