The Summer of 2015

Summer semester is racing up on us. I will be teaching two calculus classes (different levels) this summer at a local community college (and also tutoring, of course!). It will be nice to be back in the classroom trying to bring to teaching what I learn while tutoring one-on-one. (At the end of summer, that goes the other way -- I try to bring to my tutoring what I discovered as important in the classroom; it's a wonderful synergy.)
Summer semesters are abbreviated (and never moreso than for the calculuses, which come in 4-hour packages instead of the usual 3-hrs for most college courses). 
So a word to you summer students out there:
1. Try very, very hard not to miss any classes! A lot will happen at every single class meeting this summer, probably even the very first one!
2. Understand that you have undertaken something that won't happen if you aren't there to participate in its unfolding. If you have vacation plans, ... well, honestly, this is no time for vacation plans. Sorry! If you must, do your level best to stay in touch and working as much of that time as possible.
3. Mostly -- stay optimistic and focused. It can be a blast! 
Good luck! 8-)


Joy J.

Masters in Math and Physics, 15+ Yrs Teaching/Tutoring College andH.S.

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