Pi Day Genius 2015

I started at noon on PI Day (3/14/15).  I got all the way to #27 (of 24) by Sunday night before I got back into the workweek. I finished at Genius #312 on the PI Day Challenge Genius board for 2015 :-)

You all can still work the 27 puzzles and get on the Genius board yourself!
Go to ;

These are the puzzles that gave me the hardest time (hmmm... they have the least math)
#13 - has a 6 digit combination lock -- the answer came from a previous puzzle value.
#23 - matches Paris landmarks to their locations on a Paris streetmap (w/no streetnames) -- not too hard, but time consuming... 
#27 - 4 puzzles in one.  #1 was easy... Hint:  google chinese zodiac images. #2  was easy, but time consuming.  Hint:  who was a Pi day scientist?  # 3 was easy... #4 was a killer... Hint:  it's binary from the SPECIAL 2015 PI day... and in programming which column is the "1"s place
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