Summertime with Math - Planning

With the school year winding down, arranging for summer break Math time starts!

Why Math?

   1) Not practicing newly acquired math skills will allow for knowledge to erode
   2) Not practicing previously acquired math skills will expedite knowledge erosion
   3) Not having other non-math course work will allow for
          - focusing on math remedial work, or
          - getting a jump on next year’s math academic growth.

Math needs are the same per subject, whether the learning setting is for advanced placement, over-age/under-educated, middle school, high school, or Veterans.  BUT, the instructional approach should be different. Differentiating the approach to each student’s situation addresses learning styles (do we not all have different learning styles, which, if catered to, maximize results?).

Also, a subtle, but critical, issue during summer instruction is matching the substance and strategy of each learner's teacher’s curriculum. The need to do this is clearly seen when comparing:
    - public vs. private schools,
    - pre- vs. post- Common Core materials,
    - Blue Ribbon vs. state run district improvement plan curriculum.

This means that it is critical to be very sensitive to the subtle differences in terminology, sequencing and pacing which each teacher and district tracks.

Now is the time to arrange for the appropriate educational scenario, starting with a precise understanding of the Math subject needs and goals, and the student’s learning style and knowledge base.


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