Five tips for fun lessons

Tutoring is available from many places: friends, neighbors, school resource persons and here on Wyzant. Creating lessons which engage and teach students is important in this competitive arena. Fun lessons are memorable lessons.
Here are things I like to incorporate in order to engage students in a fun way.
1) Be sure to know what the student wants. If it is "fun", but at the end of the session, the student didn't learn what they wanted to, is it successful? Doing the footwork and research by asking the student particulars regarding their interests, in specific a way possible it important. "The student wants to learn long division and how it relates to fractions" is much more specific than "Third grade math"
2) Utilize videos. YouTube is a great resource for many subject areas. Using a video to capture attention at the beginning of the lesson is a great tool.
3) Listen. This ties in with #1, but involves listening during the lesson, using questions which help to sculpt the information while teaching.
4) Utilize notebooks. Draw pictures. Write things out for the student and give them these notes to reference later. I love to use mnemonics with silly connections to help solidify aspects of the subject for the student.
5) Praise. When the student has that lightbulb go off, notice and praise. "You worked hard on that problem, and it paid off with the correct answer!" "Nice use of words in that essay, great details in your writing!" "You remembered the formula, I am glad you used my mnemonic from last time!"
Learning something in a fun way, ending the session with a feeling of accomplishment and movement toward goals all help both student and teacher to feel successful.
Happy learning!


Karen Y.

25+ years experience effectively tutoring a variety of subjects.

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