(Free!) online whiteboard tool every online tutor should look into

I couldn't find any references to this tool in the blogs or forums, so I wanted to put this out there.
I use A Web Whiteboard (AWW) found at for all my online tutoring needs. No download, registration, or install necessary... and it's completely free! It also has zero ads or any other clutter you might associate with any free tool. It appears the developers behind AWW make their money by selling a premium product to those interested in that sort of thing, but I've found the free tool more than enough for my needs.
It has pretty much everything I'm looking for in a whiteboard tool: multiple colors, incredibly simple to invite students to join the board, cross-platform (any student with an internet connection can use it, and it works in every browser, as far as I can tell), and there is an option to save the images you create so you and your students can have material for reference later.
The only conceivable drawback is ironically its simplicity. AWW's free version doesn't have drawing tools to help you draw straight lines, clean circles, and the rest (although it does have a text-insert option so you can type text in places where you don't want to draw out the words). I recommend taking some time to get comfortable with your mouse-drawing by yourself on AWW before introducing it to your lessons.


Yes, it looks good and it works fairly well too. Sometimes the difficulty is that not all students are really happy with it. My students at least are a little resistant to embrace this type of technology and still prefer the face to face "thing".
As a tutor I have reasons not to be very happy either though. If I were to type complex math, it would take forever as I would be forced to draw formulae instead of writing them.  Having MathJax to run on the site would make a fantastic complement to a board and leave the board only for those tasks where drawing is the best tool.
Just my thoughts. Try MathJax! You will want it!
I love using awwapp when explaining math concepts. Luckily I am fairly decent with drawing figures freehand. However, I haven't been able to find a reliable way of erasing large sections of the board. Have you seen this at all?
I would recommend awwapp for basic geometry and trigonometry. Complex math is best explained in person.
Agreed on the more comple math. I can write clearly enough, but there's a definite limit to how much space is eaten up by an enormous limit or integral expression, and you must continuously clear and rewrite the complex expression all over. A real whiteboard or multiple sheets of paper offer faster reference.
Speaking of clearing and rewriting- looks like all we get are the standard eraser tool, or the clear all function... nothing in between.
I find this tool works best for high school and first-year college math/science. Fortunately that's precisely where all my business is!
An update for anyone still interested - AWW recently got an overhaul! The tools are pretty much identical - the text input works the same, the drawing tools are essentially the same, etc. However, a new chat feature appears in the lower-right corner of the board, making it handy for my online students who don't want to disturb the rest of their room-/house-mates.
If they ever get around to adding video or voice chat (preferably both), AWW will essentially replace Google Hangouts and Skype for my online students! That's a pretty tall order though, it takes a good bit of effort to make such services smooth and secure. I'll have to check out Wyzant's native online interface to see what products I move forward with.
The limited space is an absolute deal-breaker.
What should I use to write on the board instead of mouse? I thought it would work on iPads, but it doesn't...
Look into a writing tablet. I have an Intuos 2 that I use in Photoshop and Lightroom that works great. They have several lines, Bamboo, for instance, that might be smaller and less expensive, yet work just as well.
awwap worked well for me - but the stylus/tablet was key! Get the XP-Pen Star G430S Digital Writing Tablet. It's perfect for your needs and less expensive. Since you won't be using it for digital art, you are paying for features that you won't use or need.
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