How I Invest In You

     We're all familiar with the famous quotation from Jerry McGuire "Help me help you!!!". Jerry got it right. In order for me to invest in you fully, you have to let me know (as your tutor, teacher, mentor, what ever you wanna call me) what you need from me. It can be shaky process initially - getting the student and tutor to communicate to one another - but it's an entirely crucial part of the transaction. I can teach you what I think you need to know, but I could potentially be teaching things you already know how to do - that's such a huge loss of time!
     Also, I encourage students to take learning as an experience like going out to dinner or watching TV with your friends. It's supposed to be fun, and that is something I strive for. I like to joke around, make you laugh, find hilarious mnemonics for you to use, as well as get to know you.
     Another thing I keep in mind is how you're feeling that day. The beauty of one-on-one tutoring is that your mentor or tutor can get a feel of how you're responding to the material being taught. Are he/she into it? Does he/she look distraught? He's/she's not as light-hearted as usual today, I wonder what's up? I try to read you for signs of disturbance so you don't miss out on amazing learning opportunities. I am here for YOU is what I am trying to say. Use me as your guidance and a teacher - I'm glad to be one or both for your well-being.


Elianne N.

In Order to Reap You Must Sew

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