Introduction to Vocal Technique

In order to learn how to sing it is important to get to know our body, particularly our respiratory and voice production systems. Just as instrumentalists know the their instrument’s parts and their functions and how to take care of them to prevent damage, singers should also have a good understanding of their instrument, which is our own bodies, in order to use it correctly and keep it functioning in an efficient and healthy manner. Contrary to instrumentalists who, if their instrument gets damaged, can just exchange it for another one, singers do not have that luxury. Using our instrument incorrectly can lead to short-term and long-term damage and some of it might be irreparable. In this series of posts I will talk about the parts that make up the respiratory and voice production systems as well as their functions and how they integrate together to produce sound. I will also touch on the subject of the proper use of the voice and the problems that might arise if one doesn’t sing correctly.


Lourdes G.

Music (Voice), Math, Science, English and Spanish Tutor

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