The Value of Math Courses

You may think that the main purpose of a math course is to instruct you on dealing with numbers.  But actually, the main purpose of most math courses is to train your mind.  Train your mind in how to think, how to memorize, how to relate one thing to another, how to assess reasonableness, and how to perform mental calculations to assess reasonableness of an answer.  For this reason, it is important in any math class for students to spend some time working out problems, thinking about how they arrived at their answers, and thinking about how reasonable their answer is in light of the problem.  It is definitely time-consuming to study math classes because of this necessity of working out problems and thinking about them.  A math class cannot be undertaken lightly, or just by getting "the answer" from someone.  A student must understand how the answer is to be arrived at, and how the answer can be justified.  So, do not take your math classes too lightly or think you can glide through them.  You might make a "passing grade" but you want to do so much more than that.  You want to understand how the answer is arrived at and how to figure if it is reasonable or not.


Judy L.

Education Specialist, Patient and Knowledgeable

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