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 I know this subject sounds a little different than what your accustomed to. The point is to concentrate on the fact that having no real life applications integrated within your lesson plan leaves a lot behind. You may think that this is common sense or something that every tutor, teacher or mentor does for their students. This is not the case. I have seen time and time again quality rogue memorization. Most fail when attempting to apply their knowledge to the real word. This is not the fault of the teacher, tutor, or student. It takes a team effort to ensure that this type of skill can be developed. 
 I will add more to this blog. Before I go into more detail, take a moment to think about how you have done this for your students. Please share if you would like. 


I agree in principle with what you are saying. With that said, Ifind that most students and teachers need to improve critical thinking problem skills where solutions are sometimes found in thinking "outside the box". And here lies my issue with technology in classroom. Technology certainly has a place in our education system. However, if not used carefully and deliberately, technology takes away from the education process as much as ( if not more) than it gives. It takes away critical thinking skills by giving quick and easy answers to abstract math concepts. 
Many students will question why they must understand factoring for example when then can go on a web site ( and there are many) plug in a a few numbers given to them in the porlbem and come in seconds have the correct answer.
Now is that learning math?
Ohio  High School Math Teacher
Thank you Bob!
 I agree with you. Taking away instruments (such as calculators) help children to really learn. Real life concepts without technology helps to solidify the principles that you are teaching. This also allows them to appreciate the advantage that technology gives. This is the basis of a more integrated teaching or tutoring approach. Hat's off if you are able to get this done in the classroom. 
P.S. I was born in Mansfield so I hope all is well up there.


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