Motivation Tutoring: Feedback Appreciated!

Kick-off to my new type of tutoring - Motivational Tutoring!
I am a firm believer, as a parent, substitute teacher, former drug education instructor and now, private tutor that if a child is motivated with creative and competitive styles of learning, it will increase their academic skill AND confidence. 
By using props such as playing cards, dominoes, stuff animals, saltine crackers and additional random items usually found at the client's home, I can effectively teach basic math and reading comprehension skills.   Yes, the traditional assessing prior and after sessions are used as well as timed tests, reading questions, writing exercises and the like.  However, some of the approaches to introducing a new concept or memorizing the times table would be offered in a more "unconventional" style.
Your feedback is most appreciated. 


Shari B.

Motivate Whoo - Tutoring and Life Skills Mentoring

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